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Mount Giving Tuesday

Mount Saint Mary Academy will participate in the 6th Annual Giving Tuesday initiative on Tuesday, November 28. Charities across the globe will be seeking gifts from their friends and benefactors. It is a fun day when millions of people are thinking about others and doing “good.”

Giving Tuesday is a day when, from your phone or from your computer, you can log on to the Mount website and make a gift that - regardless of its size - is meaningful to you.

It is a day when we hope to raise dollars that are vital to the success of our annual fund.

Not everyone responds to a direct mail appeal, or a special event. Different generations of women prefer alternative methods of giving. We are prayerfully hopeful that some of those who have not yet given to The Academy, will choose to give on this special day.

Our goal? - $10K in ONE DAY!

How to give:

  • Online - From your phone, your tablet or your computer – with your credit card. Any time after 12:00 midnight.
  • In Person - Drop your gift off to the Advancement Office. We will be here from 8 am until at least 6 pm to greet you.
  • By Phone - Call 908-757-0108, ext. 4542. Pledge to mail your gift within 24 hours.

Please consider participating this year from midnight until 11:59 pm on November 28th.

Your gift and your kindness will touch a life.

Thank you for helping us make this our most successful Giving Tuesday yet!

Go Mount!

Mount Saint Mary Academy is a Catholic school and a sponsored work of

the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

The Mount GIVING TUESDAY form will become active on November 28.
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