The Cafeteria at Mount Saint Mary is dedicated to providing students with a variety of tasty,  healthy food options.  It is open daily for  breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast is available for  purchase until 7:50 a.m.  Students may purchase  lunch during their designated lunch periods.  The  cost for each lunch is $5.  The meal includes an  entree, vegetable of the day, fruit of the day,  and choice of drink (milk, water, or iced tea).

The following lunch options are available daily:

Deli Wrap Sandwiches $4.50              Deli Bar Sandwiches $4.50
Hot Assorted Sandwiches $4.50          Salad Platters $5
Breakfast Sandwiches $2.75               Hamburger $3.25
Cheeseburger $3.25                         Pizza Slice $3.25
Soup with Crackers $1.75                  Large Fries $1.50
Freshly baked desserts $1.50            Mozzarella Sticks (5) $3.25
Chicken Tenders $3.25                     Uncrustables PB&J $3.25
Fresh fruit $1                                  Fresh fruit bowl $2
Fresh veggies and dip $1.75               Bai drink $2.75
Core Power Protein Milk $4.75           Onion rings $2
Bagel with butter $1.50                    Assorted muffins $1.50
Bagel with cream cheese $1.75          Assorted doughnuts $1.50
Freshly baked cookie $1                    Assorted chips $1
Hot pretzel $1.50                             Nacho cheese $0.75
Chobani yogurt $1.75                        Cereal bowl pack $1
Bottled water (small) $0.60                Bottled water (large) $1
Milk $0.75                                        Iced tea $0.75
Snapple (can) $1.25                           Snapples (20 oz.) $2
Yogurt parfait $3                               Zico coconut water $3.50
Hummus dip with pretzels $3

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