History & Championships


Girls Athletic Association1974
Entrance into Mountain Valley Conference1996-1997
Entrance into New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association1996-1997
Entrance into Skyland Conference2006-2007


First Varsity Season1933
First undefeated season1981-82
NJAIS "A" Div. State Champs1983-1984
Mountain Valley Champs1999-2000
Skyland Conference Valley Division Championship2010-2011


Competitive Cheerleading 
First Varsity Season1999


Cross Country 
First Varsity Season2001
NJSIAA "A" Div. State Champs2003
NJSIAA non-public B State Champs2002
Elizabeth Campbell '08 wins Non-Public B State Championship2006
Elizabeth Campbell '08 wins NJISAA State Championship2006
Caroline Williams '10 wins NJISAA State Championship2008
Caroline Williams '10 wins NJISAA State Championship2009
Mountain Valley Champs2004


Field Hockey 
First Varsity Season1948
Field Hockey returns as Varsity Sport1978
Somerset County Champs1991
Mountain Valley Champs1998


Individuals Compete in Golf2006


Individuals Compete in Gymnastics2003


First Varsity Season2005
Skyland Conference Valley Division Championship2015
Skyland Conference Valley Division Championship2016


First Varsity Season1994
Mountain Valley Champs1999
Skyland Conf. Div Champs2007


First Varsity Season1976
NJAIS "A" Div. State Champs1984
Mountain Valley Champs2005
Skyland Conf. Champs2007
Skyland Div. Champs2014


Spring Track 
First Varsity Season2001
Allison Nesbitt '02 wins Meet of Champions in 100 meter hurdles2002



First Varsity Season1994-1995
Meet of Champions 200 Medley Relay Team2011
           Stephanie Ferrell '11 
           Katy Comer '13 
           Carly Whitmer '13 
           Cassie Sosnovich '12 
NJSIAA Non-public A State Champs2005
NJISAA A Div. State Champs1995-1996
NJSIAA Non-Public B State Champs2003
Somerset County Champs1995-1996
Skyland Conference Champs2007
Mountain Valley Conf Champs1995-96


Original Tennis Courts are built1947
First Varsity Season1974


First Varsity Season2003
NJISAA State Championship2016


Winter Track 
First Varsity Season2002
Nicole Rojas '14 wins 400 meter Somerset County Championship2011
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