Academic Departments

To download a pdf of the complete course catalogue with course descriptions from all academic departments for the 2017-2018 school year, click here.

Creative Arts

The Art Department strives to promote self-expression through a variety of media and styles, as well as the aesthetic and historical aspects of art.  Students are given numerous opportunities throughout the school year to showcase their work on-campus as well as through local and national venues. Click here to view a complete list of course offerings.


Through thoughtful and interest-peaking instruction, the English Department encourages students to develop strong positions of textual inquiry; learn why certain passages resonate within the text itself, the reader and the human condition; and understand why certain characters or settings remain fondly in literary consciousness. In addition to the study of literature, the department emphasizes the importance of good, clear writing and the role it plays in both academic and professional success. Click here to view a complete list of course offerings.


The Mathematics Department views its subject as both a process and skill – a process of intuition, logical deduction and synthesis, and a skill that is necessary to be a mathematically literate woman who has the ability to solve problems in both theoretical and real world situations. The Mathematics Department strives to provide courses, instructional activities, and technology that meet the common and specific needs of students attending the Academy. Throughout diversified and individually adapted courses of study, the program is designed to achieve two goals: an immediate goal of acquiring the fundamental skills necessary to analyze and solve problems, and a longer term goal that prepares our students for a constantly changing society increasingly dominated by quantitative methods, data analysis, and the use of technology. Click here to view a complete list of course offerings. 


The Mount believe music to be a treasured value, a heritage of centuries, and a portion of everyday living. We hope to meet the needs of students who have musical aspirations in performance and education, as well as those who love music for itself as a source of enjoyment. To these ends, Mount Saint Mary Academy has developed a unique music curriculum and offers a multitude of opportunities for students to study and play music both in and out of the classroom. Click here to view a complete list of course offerings.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Department provides students with the knowledge necessary for them to develop their highest level of physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellness. By providing them with accurate information, we strive to teach them to make responsible decisions and to develop healthful attitudes and life-long patterns of safe physical activity. The department encourage students to evaluate their own attitudes and to understand the impact their lifestyle choices have on their health. Click here to view a complete list of course offerings.


The mission of the Science Department is to teach students the scientific principles that underlie the order of God’s universe and to ensure scientific literacy for all. We believe the effective teaching of science includes inquiry-based learning and the incorporation of modern technology in a laboratory facility. We further teach with the belief that science is a dynamic human endeavor that has evolved over the course of history and will continue to benefit humankind in the future. Click here to view a complete list of course offerings.

Social Studies

Through its course offerings, the Social Studies Department seeks to ensure that students become well-versed in United States and world history and acquire the political, economic, and psychological skills and insights necessary for them to fulfill their roles as responsible citizens of the nation and the world. Click here to view a complete list of course offerings.

Student Services

The Office of Student Services is comprised of a team of three school counselors who encourage the successful academic growth of each student based upon their individual needs.  In addition to individual academic and college counseling sessions, the Office of Student Services offers classes to each grade level to best prepare students for the challenges they will face in high school, college, and beyond. Click here to view a complete list of course offerings.

Technology and Media Studies

The center for both information and technology use is located in the Kennedy Library Media Center. Information services as well as technology instruction and integration are available to students, teachers, and staff. Mount Saint Mary Academy’s technology mission is to educate and empower students, teachers, administrators and staff to become self-directed, continuous learners as well as ethical, responsible users of technology. Click here to view a complete list of course offerings.


Placing an emphasis on a relationship with God, the Religion Department, in keeping with the philosophy and objectives of Mount Saint Mary Academy, strives to impart the message of Jesus Christ and invites our students to embrace Christianity as a way of life. Through prayer, liturgies, retreats, the curriculum and classroom experience, as well as Christian witness, we encourage a deeper relationship with God and community, an awareness of the needs of others, and the response of Christian service. Click here to view a complete list of course offerings.

World Languages

The Department of World Languages strives to help students develop a deeper and broader awareness of language and culture. The department promotes engagement in the international community of the twenty-first century and insight into historical traditions and societies. Students are challenged at all levels to increase their understanding of other communities, to communicate in the target language, and to make linguistic and cultural comparisons and connections. By working to advance their own pedagogical and technological knowledge, teachers endeavor to be examples of life-long learning for all students. Click here to view a complete list of course offerings.

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