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Board of Trustees

The Academy's trustees bring a wealth of experience and specialized guidance. They serve as experts in education, management, finance, and the law. It is their job to set the policies that keep the Mount current and encourage growth.

Members of the Board 2017-2018

Elizabeth A. Weiler, Esq., Chair (P '08, '11)
Raymond Szymanski, B.A., Vice Chair (P '98, '02)
S. Lisa D. Gambacorto, RSM, Ed. S., Directress

S. Madeline Cipriano, RSM, M.T.S.
Mary Bernadette Corrigan '79, B.A.
Claudia Damiano, A.S. (2016 honorary alumna; P '08, '10)
Erika Parisse Demetrick '89, B.S., CPA
Mary R. Farrell, B.A. (P '11)
S. Francesca Holly '56, RSM, M.A.
Meaghan Spezzi Kulakis '97, B.A.
James N. Lawlor, Esq. (P '16)
S. Dorothy Lazarick, RSM, M.S.
Diane J. Leech '61, B.S.N.
Donna M. Lombardi '74, Esq. (P '08)
Elizabeth Lyndon '92, B.A.
Brian T. Searls, B.S. (P '06,'09,'12)
S. Eileen P. Smith '64, RSM, M. A.
James M. Sosinski, B.S., CPA (P '12, '16)
Claire Sullivan Tucciarone '81, B.A. (P '16)

Sheila Cavanagh, MBA, Secretary

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